We have collected information on gender and compiled local resources for the Rochester area. If you know of anything helpful, please use our contact page to let us know.


Codes of Gender A documentary about what advertising shows us about our cultural gender assumptions.

Everything Trans FTM trans resource site

Gender Identity 101 A Transgender Primer

Genderfork Celebrating beauty outside the binary

Genderqueer Wikipedia article

Intersex Wikipedia article

Multigender and Ambigender Store Nifty CafePress Store

Petition the APA: Remove Transgender from the DSM-5

Practical Androgyny

Queer Wikipedia article

Safe2Pee mapping gender neutral bathrooms, unisex restrooms, accessible toilets. bathrooms for everyone


Rochester Groups & Organizations

The Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley

The Self Made Men FTM trans information, products, and networking

Transgender Alliance Home of the Upstate New York Transgender Community